1. řada

1Mrkání (Blink)
2Noční tvorové (Creatures of the Night)
3Sni americký sen (American Dreamers)
4Velmistr (Grand Master)
5Co míle, to muž (A Man a Mile)
6Někdo zvoní (Outside Man)
7Déšť (Rain)
8Tři generace stačí (Three Generations Are Enough)
9Důstojník v modrém (Officer Blue)
10Dobrou noc, mami (Night, Mother)
11Rozvětvené mosty souvislostí (Tri-Borough)
12Recyklace (Recycling)
13Tanglewood (Tanglewood)
14Krev, pot a slzy (Blood, Sweat and Tears)
15Dokud nás smrt nerozdělí (Til Death Do We Part)
16Pšt (Hush)
17Pád (The Fall)
18Holubičí komise (The Dove Commission)
19Zločin a provinění (Crime and Misdemeanor)
20Nabídka a poptávka (Supply & Demand)
21Ve službě (On the Job)
22Čím blíže (The Closer)
23Na vlastní oči (What You See Is What You See)

2. řada

1Léto ve městě (Summer in the City)
2Velká vražda na hlavním nádraží (Grand Murder at Central Station)
3Zoo York (Zoo York)
4Firemní bojovníci (Corporate Warriors)
5Tanec s rybami (Dancing with the Fishes)
6Mladá krev (Youngblood)
7(Manhattan Manhunt)
8(Bad Beat)
9(City of the Dolls)
14(Stuck on You)
15(Fare Game)
16(Cool Hunter)
17(Necrophilia Americana)
18(Live or Let Die)
19(Super Men)
20(Run Silent, Run Deep)
21(All Access)
22(Stealing Home)
24(Charge of this Post)

3. řada

1(People With Money)
2(Not What It Looks Like)
3(Love Run Cold)
4(Hung Out To Dry)
5(Oedipus Hey)
6(Open and Shut)
7(Murder Sings The Blues)
9(And Here's To You, Mrs. Azrael)
10(Sweet Sixteen)
11(Raising Shane)
12(Silent Night)
14(The Lying Game)
15(Some Buried Bones)
16(Heart of Glass)
17(The Ride-In)
18(Sleight Out of Hand)
19(A Daze Of Wine And Roaches)
20(What Schemes May Come)
21(Past Imperfect)
22(Cold Reveal)
23(Comes Around)
24(Snow Day)
25(One of Our Own)

4. řada

1(Can You Hear Me Now?)
2(The Deep)
3(You Only Die Once)
4(Time's Up)
5(Down The Rabbit Hole)
7(Commuted Sentences)
9(One Wedding and a Funeral)
10(The Thing About Heroes)
11(Child's Play)
12(Happily Never After)
13(Family Ties)
14(Playing With Matches)